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Chris Raven

I am one of a few wooden flute makers in Great Britain and perhaps the only one making and selling one key Baroque Flutes with a focus on a Palanca copy and my own A=440 baroque flute.
I also make and restore a variety of flute and headjoint cases.
My aim is always to have a very happy customer. I usually only make a charge when you have taken delivery and are pleased with your flute or case.
You might be considering buying a flute or case from me on the basis of a recommendation but you might not have had first hand advice. I include the following selection of testimonials in case you would like some genuine feedback from professional and amateur players.

“Chris really is making some nice instruments with a good sonority, attractive tone and well in tune plus a good high register. Also I love his attitude towards the quality of work he wants to produce”…Stephen Preston

Your flute arrived today and the wood is beautiful. The sound is powerful but the flute is very very agile, early French baroque ornaments feel effortless and flattement sounds terrific. Can’t wait to play it again tomorrow. Really really pleased. Amateur Player

I am delighted with my new flute and being of a practical nature myself, your superb craftsmanship is not lost on me. It really is a pleasure to own such a beautiful handmade instrument and I look forward to learning to play it and, I hope, do it justice. Amateur Player

I meant to let you know that I played your traverso in a concert recently and it got really positive feedback from a good line up of players. It's got such a lovely sound and is very pleasing to play. Bravo! Professional Player
Thank you very much for this beautifully made and very promising flute. The basic sound is most pleasing, better defined and less woofy than my other flute, and it improves each time I play it. The low D in particular is good and strong!  Professional Player
“My Baroque flute, made from Mopane wood, gives a lovely sound and I had no hesitation in using it for part of the performance aspect of my FRSM exam”. Professional Player and Teacher

Chris Raven has just completed the refurbishment of the box my 1921 Rudall Carte cocus wood flute came in.  The original was covered with leather-cloth and was literally falling apart.  Chris offered to make a new case for me, but we decided in the end that sentiment would win and he'd refurbish my original. What he's done is to completely restore the case to a state that must exceed the original craftsmanship. The case has a plain black leather cover now, and very elegant green suede lining.  Everything fits perfectly with no rattles or movement, and there's no pressure on the mechanism.  I couldn't be happier with the result and would highly recommend Chris's work to anyone needing this kind of service. And he's a really nice person to work with – engaged, quick, witty and professional! An unsolicited testimonial
Thank you once again for an incredible box and 5* service all round. I am hoping my current flute boxes will self-destruct as soon as possible. Happy customer


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