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Baroque Flutes

The Academy Flute range consists of three models, two at A=415 pitch and one at A=440 pitch.
The A=415 version can made entirely of wood or with substitute ivory ferrules.
They can all be made in either Grenadilla or Mopane which provide subtly different sounds.

All flutes come with a soft roll, cleaning stick and a bottle of Tung oil.

These flutes are played by professional and amateur players

The Academy Flute  A=415  £895 (with silver key)
The Academy Flute A=415  £995 (with substitute ivory ferrules and crown, and a silver key)

The Academy Flute (A=415) is based on an original flute made by C. Palanca and, like the original, it is responsive and sonorous. Palanca style flutes are popular with professional players and this model makes its qualities available to students and beginners.

Academy A=415


Academy A=440

The Academy Flute   A=440 £895 (with brass key)
This Academy Flute has been developed based on my research with early flutes. The result is a very responsive and powerful flute designed for the modern flautist to achieve a Baroque sound to play with contemporary instruments.

Special requirements

For those who find it challenging to stretch your fingers over all the holes of a baroque flute I can provide joints with the tone holes modified so that, on the surface, they are closer together.

In the left hand video below the flute has a tuning slide and foot register.

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